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Adolescent Psychology Case Study Section 3

 Due date 04/18/2021. 2 full summary pages. Reference page is separate. I’ve attached intake form to be filled out. Patient name is Samantha Wood. Age 15. African American female.   Make up an issue the teen is having in the intake form in fill out the requirement parts  Write a report that includes summary of the following discussion points that have occurred during your third session with the adolescent. Considering the adolescent, discuss their sense of identity, level of moral development, and overall sense of motivation. Include the information you know about this character that allows you make these assessments (i.e. maintaining a high GPA to increase college acceptance is indicative of high motivation achievement). Be sure to include terminology from the text in your discussions. Considering the identified theories, methods, and research, explain the preferred approach(es) that could be used to help the adolescent recognize and/or pinpoint what is going on in their life. Is the reporting issue the potential root problem or is it a symptom of the problem? For example, if the adolescent reported significant issues with sleep, that might include sleep deprivation issues, is that the student’s problem or a symptom of another issue? Did you provide the adolescent something to work on before the next session? If so, explain what that was and provide a rationale for the choice. Include APA formatted in-text citations and reference list that includes the text and any other scholarly references that was used.  Suggested length is at least 2 pages, however you may need additional pages to fully cover the topics depending on your client’s presenting situation.


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