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“Anatomy Is Destiny” Discussion

  Sigmund Freud is quoted to have said: “Anatomy is destiny.” The “anatomy” he is referring to is the anatomy that differentiates males from females, specifically, their sex organs. What Freud was suggesting was that whether we had male or female sex organs determined what our future (“destiny”) would be, because of all the benefits and challenges associated with each biological sex. I want you to think how this idea that “anatomy is destiny” is still relevant in the present day. Describe something that illustrates that anatomy still IS destiny even in the modern times and something that illustrates that anatomy is NOT destiny anymore (i.e., ways in which people are not constrained by their biological sex). (You can describe something that is applicable in the American society or elsewhere in the world.) After uploading your post, you will need to reply to at least one of your classmates. In terms of constraints of anatomy, think of: biological capabilities, gender social roles, gender stereotypes, bias, prejudice, discrimination, unfair compensation, limited opportunities, etc.


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