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I need some assistance with these assignment. humans and society Thank you in advance for the help! Self-control has a connection with the mind and body. Often, humans are unable to control emotions such as anger, love and mood due to the inability to coordinate their brain with the body activity. In the psychological point of view, easing stress, changing the perspective of events and focusing on personal goals boosts self-control. ‘It might be better to avoid grandVisions and concentrate on the glory of coping’.&nbsp. Foremost, when stressed, it takes a shorter period to get angry. It happens so because, stress acts as a barrier to normal thinking and as a result, one might not be able to control their emotions. Therefore, there is need to maintain harmony with brain activities to ease stress. Moreover, one can change the perspective of an event. You can take things in the simplest way to avoid creating an issue from another. Finally, always focus on personal goals as the drive of life. Occupied minds are easy to control than the minds always wondering in panic. Before I could pass my gratitude to family, teachers, friends and relatives in a general way, let me take the opportunity to just echo on special characters. From my grandmother Jackeline, I developed the attitude of moving forward even when things did not move my way. From my father Dickson, I learnt to focus on my goals and avoid being drawn by setbacks on the way. From my uncle Ken, he taught me how to handle difficult situations on my own. From my beloved mother, I knew the importance of being kind and charitable to the society.&nbsp.


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