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Research paper on Margaret Sanger regarding how she was the Key to the Success of Planned Parenthood.

 the research project should identify the topic & explain the historical context

·         Who, what, where, when, how & why?

·         What specific ideology did the person/movement advocate? 

·         What kinds of reactions – positive and negative – did the person/movement receive?

·         What specific results did the person/ideology/movement achieve?  [Passage of legislation? Cultural changes?]

·         Why was this subject significant to the history of women in the United States?





            Any non-academic site. 


            Typed, double-spaced, 1-inch margins

            5-6 pages

            In-text citations (author, page #)

            MLA-format Works Cited page


·         2 articles (secondary sources) from **library databases**

Examples: America: History & Life, American Women’s History Online, African American History Online

·         3 primary sources from databases and/or internet sites

o   Primary sources should be used in the body of the essay to provide examples of people, events, ideologies, public reactions, etc. 

o   Cite primary sources using MLA format

Examples: photographs, images, posters, artwork, newspaper articles, speeches, editorials written by the subject during the time period being studied


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