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While this class focuses on the core four productivity applications found in the Office Suite, Microsoft has more software solutions available including:

Azur, Outlook, Publisher ,Visual Studio, Teams, Sway, Delve, Dynamics, Flow, PowerApps, One Drive Skype, Project, Staff Hub, Visio, SharePoint, Power BI, Yammer, OneNote, In this discussion board, you will select two of these Microsoft tools you are unfamiliar with and explore their functions and capabilities.Your post should cover two areas:

1. Choose two of the above options with which you’ve had little to no experience. First research each of your selected tools, then write a descriptive paragraph outlining their purpose and capabilities. Describe how these applications would be used in the modern work place. Do they interface with any other applications? If so, how? 

Please note: Descriptions of applications should be in your own words. Imagine you are speaking at a board meeting – how would you describe these programs in a comprehensible way to an audience with varying levels of IT knowledge? If you do need to quote language from another source, be sure to cite it appropriately. And while it is tempting to pick old familiar tools like Skype or Outlook, it will be more beneficial to your future professional life if you challenge yourself to explore unknown territory.

2. Next, for both of your chosen applications, discuss their limitations. How effective are they? Have there been documented issues with their installation and deployment? Are there better/more efficient/more robust options available? If so, what are they and why? 


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