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Behaviorism And Social Cognitive Theories

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVgjHtwKnFw Prior to beginning work on this discussion, please read and view the following required sources: The importance of a deeper knowledge of the history and theoretical foundations of behavior analysis: 1863–1960 The Importance of a Deeper Knowledge of the History and Theoretical Foundations of Behaviorism and Behavior Therapy: Part 2—1960–1985 John B. Watson – The Father of Behaviourism Bandura’s Social Cognitive theory: An Introduction In your initial post, include the following: Summarize the foundational approaches of behavior analysis (previously known as behaviorism) and social cognitive (previously known as social learning) theory (SCT) and the early theorists associated with Be sure to note the drastic differences between behaviorist theories versus cognitivist theories. Describe how the two theories might be utilized in practice in the career path that interests you. If you are not pursuing a career field, how might it apply to your daily personal interactions? Evaluate the cultural considerations that should be considered when applying these theories in research today? Example: Social cognitive theory suggests modeling and efficacy as key variables that determine behavior. How might culture affect how we analyze these variables? How could self-bias affect our research findings if not considered? Your initial post should be a minimum of 500 words.


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