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Case Conceptualization Genogram

Case Conceptualization and Genogram   For this assignment, you will develop a hypothetical couple or family case. The purpose of the assignment is to provide you an opportunity to review and reflect on your clinical development of a case study. You will develop a genogram for this fictional couple or family and choose from specific theoretical models to use, depending on your degree program. The analysis will include theory-based interventions that align with the clinical model chosen. You will also develop a diagnosis for the clients or family using the DSM-5.   Your assignment will include three parts:   •Case overview with supporting genogram.     •Theoretical model, interventions, and diagnosis.   •Reflection.   You will need to use and cite a minimum of eight scholarly resources; the length of the paper should be a minimum of 12 typed, double spaced pages.   Case Overview With Supporting Genogram   In 2–3 paragraphs, provide a general description of your selected case, an identification of the clients, and any other presenting information that sets a context for the case and your work with it. Create a supporting genogram that aligns with the narrative for this hypothetical case. The case should include a family system—that is, at least two clients in a relationship with each other. You may choose a family or a couple. Be sure to identify who is attending the sessions.   Theoretical Model, Interventions, and Diagnosis    Learners in the Mental Health Counseling program, choose from this list of theoretical models:   •Bioecological theory (theorist: Bronfenbrenner).   •Structural family therapy (theorist: Minuchin).   •Intergenerational family therapy (theorist: Bowen).   After you have identified the theoretical model you will use, complete the following:   •Identify the theoretical model you used, and provide a brief overview of the model. Include the theory of change, stance of the therapist, and founding theorists. It is important to use peer-reviewed references to support your discussion of the theory; look for seminal articles written by the founding theorists.   •Include interventions that are used according to the model, providing questions you would ask during the therapy session. Include a discussion on these questions and how the interventions used relate to the theoretical model. For example, if you were using solution-focused therapy, you might ask the miracle question or a scaling question.   •Using the DSM-5, determine a diagnosis for the couple or family. Include a brief discussion about how you developed this diagnosis. Make sure to include seminal articles from the founding theorists for the model as citations for this section.   Reflection   In 1–2 pages, write a conclusion summarizing what you learned about yourself as a counselor or therapist. Address the following:   •How have you learned as a counselor or therapist to take care of yourself?   •What are some areas you recognize as strengths and challenges?   •When do you think it is important for a counselor or therapist to seek supervision?   •What will you do as a counselor or therapist to increase your own awareness of diversity when working with clients? Provide examples.   •What are some possible issues that may arise when working with a client from a different cultural background from yours?   Submission Requirements   •Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.   •APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA style and formatting.   •Number of resources: Minimum of eight scholarly resources.   •Length of paper: A minimum of 12 typed, double-spaced pages, excluding the cover page, reference page, and genogram.   •Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12-point.   Before you submit your work, review the scoring guide to make sure you have met all the criteria. When your work is complete, submit your paper and the genogram to your instructor in the assignment area.  


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