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Case Study. Robin Williams, Mental Health Disorders And Suicide. 8 Page Paper APA Format

Write an 8 Page paper about Actor Robin Williams and his mental health disorders associated with suicide.  Use APA format. All of the guidelines of the paper are listed below: Be very specific and detailed to the questions asked in the case study and the 8th page can be the citation page.  What is a case study? For purposes of this course, a case study is an in-depth study of one client or consumer. In a case study, nearly every aspect of the client’s life and history is examined. Patterns in the client’s life are noted; potential causes or contributors to behavior are posited. Finally, some possible ways of viewing the client’s situation and intervening are explored.  Format: I. Case History A. Background Information   The first section of your paper will present your client’s background. Include factors such as age, gender, work, health status, family mental health history, family and social relationships, drug and alcohol history, life difficulties (trauma, stressors, etc.), intellectual and physical abilities and challenges, goals, coping skills, areas where growth and change are desired by the client. B. Description of the Presenting Problem   Describe the presenting problem or symptoms. What brought the client to your agency (field placement)? Describe any physical, emotional, or sensory symptoms reported by the client. Thoughts, feelings, and perceptions related to the symptoms should also be noted. Identify any screening or diagnostic assessments that are used, and the results of those instruments, as available (e.g., a clients’ score on a depression inventory ). C. Diagnosis   Provide a clinical diagnosis and give the appropriate DSM-V codes. Explain how the diagnosis was reached, how the client’s symptoms fit the diagnostic criteria for the disorder(s), or any possible difficulties in reaching a diagnosis.  II. Intervention The second section of your paper will focus on the theoretical orientation through which you view the client, and the related interventions that may be used to help the client. You may choose a theoretical orientation that is summarized in our text (Corey) (e.g, Person-Centered counseling, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Reality Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), or you may choose another orientation you have studied and which appeals to you. The orientation you choose must be one that is generally recognized as a viable theory of conceptualizing and treating clients in mental health or rehabilitation counseling. If you have any doubt as to whether the approach you wish to use meets that criterion, please discuss it with the instructor prior to completing the assignment. You must use at least one resource in addition to the Corey text, on which to base your treatment approach. Some points to include: 1. Identify the theoretical orientation you have chosen. 2. How would a counselor with this orientation view the client’s presenting problem(s)? 3. What are some of the foundational elements of treatment, using this approach? 4. What are some interventions that you might consider, in formulating a treatment plan? 5. What are some of the risks that could be associated with using this approach? 6. What are some possible responses and outcomes to using this approach – describe best case and worst case realistic scenarios. 7. Your description of treatment/intervention should incorporate the role of ethics, boundaries and sensitivity to diversity.   8. Use APA format when citing references. 


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