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Compare The Buddhist Simile Of The Chariot And Plato’s Chariot Analogy. How Are The Same And How Are The Different?

  Philosophy 101:  Essay Paper Assignment Compare the Buddhist Simile of the Chariot and Plato’s Chariot Analogy. How are the same and how are the different? 1. Paper must be typed and submitted in a file format that is commonly readable (Word or .rtf files are best). 2. Paper should be 6-7 pages in length when double-spaced and using a 12 point font. 3. Include at least four sources; the textbook may be used as one of your sources.  4. Please DO NOT cite any online reference encyclopedias such as Wikipedia, Britannica, or Encarta.  5. Your sources should consist of scholarly journal articles and books available through the Ivy Tech Virtual Library ONLY.  6. All sources must be cited (must have an end note or a foot note) and the source included in a bibliography. The format of the citations and bibliography must be of a nationally accepted formatting system such as MLA or APA. Essays will be graded based upon the criteria given below: COMMAND OF TOPIC  The essay identifies and describes the premises of the philosophical position based on written accounts of it, and articulates a personal position on a philosophical topic. ARGUMENTATIVE DEVELOPMENT  Essay develops a valid, rational argument to defend or condemn a philosophical position.   ORGANIZATION  Student has edited the essay, ensuring that sentences are clear and logical. WRITING MECHANICS & SYNTAX  Essay is free from errors in word choice and writing mechanics.


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