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Couples Therapy

 For this assignment, you will present the topic to the rest of the class in the form of a PowerPoint poster. This is one slide, in the format of a poster. A second slide will be used for references only. Get creative!   The presentation must include a brief background/overview of the topic ( Couples Therapy ) and reference a minimum of two evidence-based articles used to provide treatment guidelines/recommendations. Please utilize the poster presentation template (PPT) to get started. Title sections should be: Abstract, Overview (definition of the therapy modality, main points or guides), Background (background of therapy modality, theories, developers), Evidence (EBP for use), Populations, Current Trends, and Tx Guidelines/Recommendations. ****IMPORTANT*** ***ASSIGNMENT MUST BE IN APA FORMAT ***0% PLAGIARISM IS HIGHLY STRESSED. ***SAMPLE NEEDS TO BE VIEWED BEFORE COMPLETING ASSIGNMENT ON WHAT THE ASSIGNMENT SHOULD LOOK LIKE AND SHOULD HAVE THE SAME FORMAT AS SAMPLE ATTACHED. TITLE: COUPLE THERAPY ASSIGNMENT DUE ON 4/6/21 AT 8PM CENTRAL STANDARD TIME.


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