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Custody Wars

An introduction to the paper with a correct and appropriate thesis statement. A summary of the case linking it to information from the text to support the important points of the case. Using critical thinking, there is an in-depth discussion of two important points of the case, providing supportive material and an example to answer the question, “Why is this important.”  Create the following section headers with the identified content. Introduction – briefly identify the assignment and what you are going to write about. Finish the paragraph with the correct thesis statement as located in the document, “Critical Thinking Guidelines.” This section should be one paragraph long. Family Conflict and Divorce – Summarize what you feel is the important information from the case (do not use “I”; just pick what you believe is important) and link it to specific information from your textbook about any issues around divorce. Link the text to “real life”. This section should be 2-3 paragraphs long. Intervention Issues – utilizing the article and the text, as well as any additional resources you choose, and utilizing critical thinking (see document: Critical Thinking Guidelines), discuss two points in the article that you feel are important. Expand on them and the reason that they are important by utilizing a critical thinking approach. Focus on one point at a time within the body of this section, completely discussing one first and then the other. Be sure to back up what you say with an example to illustrate your point. (ie. “For instance…”). This section should be one to two paragraphs per issue for a total of no more than four paragraphs. Conclusion – come to a conclusion that is a summation of the points you made. Remember, the conclusion sums up the paper and is not further discussion with added information. This section is one to two paragraphs.


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