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Cyn-7 Assgn

4/12 This week, you will focus on the causes of the problem and the effects that resulted from these causes. You may have discussed causes of the problem in your literature review. However, clearly understanding and presenting the causes is essential to understanding the problem, prior to coming up with a solution to the problem.  For this week, you will examine the causes of your Capstone problem and the effects that result from those causes. This week, you identified several causes and effects of your Capstone problem. For this Assignment, you are to explain 3 primary causes and 3 effects from those causes. You will need a thorough discussion of each cause (fully describe the source) and the effects (fully describe who is impacted and how). Following the description of the 3 causes and effects, this narrative should conclude with a final paragraph that briefly summarizes those causes and your reaction to the relationship between these causes and the development of the problem.To prepare: ·  Review the Learning Resources related to causes and effects and how this might support your Assignment. ·  Review the “Causes and Effects of Your Capstone Problem Organizational Matrix” found in the Learning Resources and use this template to help you organize your thoughts and ideas for this Assignment. ·  Review your research from your literature review related to your specific problem and consider 3 causes and 3 effects that were described about your problem. Assignment (2–3 pages, not including title page and reference page)  ·  Write a clearly defined narrative that incorporates the 3 causes and 3 effects and explain how these causes and effects relate to your problem. ·  Explain your reaction to the findings about the causes and effects of the problem. ·  Explain whether you believe these causes could have been prevented and how. ·  Explain which cause or effect you think was most important in leading to the problem and why.


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