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4/20/2021 To prepare: ·  Review the Learning Resource document “Problem Solution Preparation.” ·  Review the Learning Resources related to positive social change. ·  Review the causes and effects that you described in Week 7. ·  Think about some potential solutions to your identified problem and the advantages and challenges of each. ·  Think about the social change that could result from the potential solutions. ·  From the Learning Resources “Social Change Series” web resource, choose and review one or more of the social change webinars that are of relevance and interest to you. Think about your Capstone problem and how you might promote positive social change. By Day 4 Post a description of two potential solutions to the problem, based on the literature that you have researched for the Capstone  Project, and explain the advantages and challenges in implementation of each solution. Be sure to support your solutions with scholarly literature. Also, explain the potential for positive social change for each proposed solution, and discuss how you might promote positive social change. If you could direct the implementation of each solution, what other ideas do you have that could lead to a successful resolution of the problem?  Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources and identify current relevant literature to support your work.


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