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Discussion 1: Person-Environment Fit

  P-E fit refers to the similarity or congruence between a person’s values or personality and his or her work environment. For example, a high-stress job as a day trader on Wall Street might be a poor P-E fit for a quiet or shy person. Good and poor P-E fit can have specific positive and negative consequences for employees in areas such as satisfaction, commitment, stress, adjustment, and withdrawal. As a result, P-E fit also can have positive and negative consequences for employers and organizations. In this Discussion, you will examine factors signifying poor P-E fit and the consequences that can occur. To prepare for this Discussion: Consider a current or previous job that you or someone you know has held. Think about what factors influenced a lack of P-E fit and what consequences may have resulted. Read the article “Perceived Person-Organization Fit and Turnover Intention in Medical Centers: The Mediating Roles of Person-Group Fit and Person-Job Fit Perceptions.” Consider how poor P-E fit factors can influence turnover intentions on the individual, group, and organizational level. Read the article “Inclusive Leadership and Employee Well-Being: The Mediating Role of Person-Job Fit.” Consider the role of inclusive leadership in positive organizational outcomes and the mediating effect of P-E fit in achieving those outcomes. Read the article “Person–Job Fit and Innovation Behavior: Roles of Job Involvement and Career Commitment.” Think about how person–job fit influences innovation behavior via job involvement as well as career commitment. Read the article “Person-Job Fit and Proactive Career Behaviour: A Dynamic Approach.” Consider how the varied aspects of within-person and between-person perceived demands-abilities fit influences organizational outcomes. Read the article “Person-Job Fit and the Work Commitment of IT Personnel.” Identify P-E fit factors that can influence organizational commitment. By Day 3 Post a response to the following:   Provide an explanation of why there was not good P-E fit between you (or someone you know) and an organization. In your explanation, describe two variables or factors of P-E fit that were at play in your example. Provide a brief description of these variables/factors. Variables and/or factors should be directly supported by the Learning Resources. Then explain how these factors resulted in at least two potential consequences to the organization as a result of having hired you (or someone you know).


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