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Discussion Response To Leslie

As a leader, especially in the field of nursing, task delegation is very critical for getting things done effectively and in a timely manner. You have to be familiar with your team or co-workers and know what each of their strengths and weaknesses are, so that you are delegating them the correct task. “Successful leadership means picking the right people for the right assignments and developing them” (Manning 2018, pg. 323). In the workplace, in order to get things done, the leader has to delegate task to ensure that all of it gets done, and that it is not left to just one person. If one person of the group, like the leader, is reliable for getting all the task done the outcome is not going to be in his or her favor. More than likely, success will not be met. Manning (2018) says that delegation is not just advisable but also that it is necessary for success. Real delegation is when a leader assigns responsibility for outcomes along with the authority to do what the group needs to produce the desired results (Loyd, 2012).  I don’t have a lot of experience as a leader, other than being a charge nurse on a medical surgical floor. As the charge nurse, I do find myself having to delegate task though, which can be a difficult task at times. When delegating task, I have to observe the other nurses and aids that I am working with and think about things that they are better than over the others and also what things they struggle with. Also, when delegating I have to take into consideration what type of licensure that they have so that I am not crossing boundaries and delegating task that they are not certified to do. In order for our day to go smoothly and ensuring we provide effective care for all of our patients, I have to delegate effectively. “Delegation is the key to multiplying the effectiveness of the leader and the group as a whole” (Manning, 2018 pg. 324). Whenever I am delegating task I always check with the person that I am delegating to and make sure that they are comfortable with the job and that they fully understand exactly what is needing to be done.  Our textbook provides many ways for effective delegation. The one I find most interesting is the “Person Position Fit”. It identifies three different things that you need to look at when delegating a task to an individual. Performance, is the person able to do the work at the level required? Attitude, does the individual want to do the work? This is most important to me, if the individual has no motivation or want to in the beginning, then they are already failing the group and not going to be effective. Lastly, psycho-social compatibility, will the culture, location, and schedule match the individual’s needs? All three of these elements must be present for an effective fit between the individual and the task that is delegated (Manning 2018). I think that my delegation skills as a leader are most like this one. I am always considering all things when it comes to the task needing to be done and the individuals I have to choose from. Reference: Loyd, S. (2012). Managers Must Delegate Effectively to Develop Employees. Success Systems, Inc. https://shrm.org Manning, George. The Art of Leadership. McGraw-Hill Higher Education (US), 2018. [VitalSource Bookshelf].   


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