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Dissertation Topic: Factors Influencing Utilization of Public Mental Health Services in South Texas This is a Dissertation project, it has a total of 5 chapters. The Ten Strategic Points that was the sequel to chapter 1 is attached and the information in it must be used to prepare chapter 1  A Template of the Dissertation is attached, this project must be prepared by following the template. An example of a similar Title of this Dissertation project is attached   Chapter 2, which is the Literature Review must a minimum of 10 literature reviews for each section Please provide all intext citations and no direct quotes APA 7 is the only required References must be about 200 90% of references must be in the last 5 years Chapter 1 requires a total of 15 pages excluding the criterion in the templates Chapter 2 requires a total of 50 pages excluding the criterion in the templates Chapter 3 requires a total of 30 pages excluding the criterion in the templates Reference page is about 20 pages


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