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Educational Psychology – Constructivism – Applying Constructivist Perspectives

  Application Exercise Applying Constructivist Perspectives Mr.​ Swope’s high school biology students are learning to use a dichotomous key to identify fish. As you observe his​ teaching, think about his applications of constructivist principles. Applying Constructivist Perspectives Use the link below to view the video:    https://mediaplayer.pearsoncmg.com/assets/_video.true/MrSwope_0001_iPad 1. Using what you know about constructivist​ principles, explain why you think Mr. Swope asks students to work in groups as they learn to use the dichotomous key. 2. Using a constructivist​ perspective, explain why Mr. Swope does not give students answers to their questions right away. —————————————————— Your response should demonstrate a clear grasp of the concept/s and you should support and validate your opinion.   You need not reference these responses (like we did in the discussion board) but you should use the proper names of theories and theorists and appropriate terminology.  Must be one full page.


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