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Connection to Disciplines: Students will be able to identify and evaluate insights from multiple disciplines. Insert  your Draft Interdisciplinary Research Paper from PRST 4995 that  demonstrates your achievement of this learning outcome, and answer the  reflection prompts below for the Interdisciplinary Research Paper (see  pages 332-330 in your textbook). How has researching and writing about this topic from an  interdisciplinary perspective challenged your bias and initial  understanding of the problem? How has an interdisciplinary approach enlarged your understanding of  the problem as a whole? What did you learn that surprised you? How is an interdisciplinary approach applicable beyond the classroom? You may insert your Research Proposal and Literature Review from PRST  4995 OR another example of your work that demonstrates your achievement  of this learning outcome, and answer the reflection prompts below for  the work you insert. Description: In this space write a reflection that includes a brief  overview of the assignment.  How does this artifact relate to the  learning outcome that students will be able to locate, evaluate, and  synthesize sources? Transfer: Discuss what specific skills, knowledge, or abilities were  gained or necessary for the completion of this work. How might having  this skill, knowledge, or ability affect you or be useful to you in your  personal or professional life? Integration: How does this experience relate to other experiences  you have had in other classes in your major? In other classes in  general? To other experiences you have had outside the classroom? Importance: Why is what you learned or demonstrated in this  assignment important to you? How does this learning contribute to your  educational and career goals?


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