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Give Them A Job (Paper)

 I am more of a MIDDLE LEVEL MANAGER…(10% Controlling, 25% Organizing, 25% Planning, 40% Directing) Do you think that these task allocations are accurate for the level of management? If they are accurate, please provide two examples to support your stance. If you don’t feel that these distributions are accurate, explain why and provide two examples to support your stance. Management Processes/Functions Planning includes charting a direction, determining strategies to succeed, and making policy decisions. Organizing involves aligning structure, people, and resources to achieve goals. Directing entails supervising, facilitating, coaching, and developing people. Controlling focuses on tracking progress against plans and making corrections. The management book The Leadership Pipeline provides a useful model for succession management and career development. It explains where leaders need to spend their time, what they should be focusing on, and the types of behaviors needed to move from first-level manager, to mid-level manager, to top-level manager. The most effective leaders are those who can accurately diagnose the organizational level of their job and then exhibit behaviors required for success at this level. Author Ram Page 335 Charan maintains that moving from individual contributor to first-level manager and moving from mid-level manager to top-level manager are the two most difficult transitions for people to make.26


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