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Identify And Analyze Treatment Options Available For Drug, Alcohol, And/Or Tobacco Addiction.

ASSIGNMENT 1: AS Description: Identify and analyze treatment options available for drug, alcohol, and/or tobacco addiction. Identify resources to help people struggling with addiction. AS Instructions: See attached document. ASSIGNMENT 2: Go to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Explore the site; there are many articles, self-assessments and assistance for professionals and the general public. After you have navigated around the site go to the drop-down tab “Understanding the Facts” and select any area of interest to you. Read through the area and create a word document with a minimum of 450 words to express your thoughts of newly gained information from the site in general and the selected area. This response should be cumulative with newly gained knowledge not only from the site but also from the discussion. Be sure to cite in APA format at the end of your word document. ( you can pick Depression as the topic)


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