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4/18/2021 Read through the scenario as well as the Learning Resources. Look up the statutes in your state or country regarding elder abuse and neglect. Note whether or not your statutes require mandated reporting for elder abuse and neglect in a manner that is similar to mandated reporting required in cases of child maltreatment. Scenario: A case has been brought to your attention regarding an elderly couple and their adult child, who is their main caregiver. The couple has not been deemed legally incompetent, but both suffer from dementia and live alone in their family house on a lake. Each day, the adult child comes over for about an hour and sets out pills, takes care of bills, and makes sure that they have eaten. The couple is then left alone for the rest of the day. During the day, they wander into their neighbor’s yards and houses without permission and often steal mail out of mailboxes. They verbally assault anyone that they do not recognize and get confused about how to wear their clothing, often putting undergarments outside of their clothes. The neighbors have informed the adult child on many occasions about their confused and often disturbing behavior, but their concerns have not been addressed. By Day 3 Post a response to the following: Explain statutes within your state or country that pertain to elder abuse and neglect. Discuss whether the situation in the scenario would meet legal criteria for elder abuse or neglect in your jurisdiction. How would you, as a forensic psychology professional, proceed in this case? Identify additional information that you might need to gather and how you would do so. List your recommendations for the family. Cite appropriate scholarly sources, as needed.


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