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Jess 8 Assign

4/18/2021 Divorce is stressful for every party involved. Anger, fear, hatred, loss, and helplessness are not easy feelings to manage, and they can sometimes manifest themselves in acts of violence. It is not uncommon for divorcees to experience stalking, harassment, threats, or assaults. In this Assignment, you will consider the case of Andrea and Scott again, but with a different culmination of events. You will examine the situation within the confines of separation and divorce and analyze the risks associated while offering strategies to avoid violence. To prepare for this Assignment: Review Scenes 1–6 of the Death in the Family podcast found in the Learning Resources and read through the Learning Resources pertaining to the dynamics of high-conflict divorce. Locate at least one scholarly article from the Walden Library that addresses issues associated with high-conflict divorce. The Assignment: 2- to 3-page paper Scenario: In your Discussion this week, you examined how a case of family violence can escalate and end in a tragedy. As an alternate ending to that drama, imagine that Andrea decides that she is going to move out while Scott is not home. Andrea files for a restraining order and seeks counsel from a lawyer on her next steps in filing for divorce. ·  With his history of aggressive behavior, what types of behaviors could you anticipate from Scott? ·  Is filing a restraining order likely to deter or exacerbate Scott’s behaviors? Explain your rationale. ·  What can be done to prevent escalation of violent behavior in this circumstance? ·  Summarize your scholarly article addressing issues associated with high-conflict divorce. How can the concepts in the article be applied to professional practice and to the Death in the Family case?


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