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Journal 5 And 6

  Journal 5  There are six relationship maintenance strategies that we can use to help maintain the quality of our relationship (Hendrick, 2005). These strategies include the following: Assurances: expression of commitment, faithfulness, & love Network: social network involvement Openness: disclosure & other communication Positivity: displaying a positive attitude Tasks: sharing daily/household chores Minding: caretaking, staying close, renewin attachments, attending to partner (like a combination of all; or “love in action”)  Identify relationship maintenance strategies that are important to your romantic relationship. Also, use the results of the self-disclosure survey to evaluate a current close personal relationship.  Download, print and complete the Brief Self-Disclosure Survey. Respond to each item using the 5-point scale. Scores range from 10-50 with higher scores indicating higher levels of self-disclosure.  What can you learn about your own self-disclosure from this survey? Be sure to keep these results so that you can write about them in your journal entry this week.   Journal 6 Using your results on the Romantic Partner Conflict Scale (Zacchilli, Hendrick, & Hendrick, 2009), reflect on the conflict strategies that you typically use. How do these conflict styles affect other aspects of your romantic relationship?    Download, print and complete the Romantic Partner Conflict Scale Survey.The Scale includes 39 items with six sub-scales: Compromise, Avoidance, Interactional Reactivity, Separation, Domination, and Submission. The purpose of this scale is to measure everyday conflict experienced by individuals in romantic relationships. Be sure to keep these results so that you can write about them in your journal entry this week.


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