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Need Someone To Write A Apa Paper On Teaching Conceptual Skills In Earlychildhood Math

 Teaching New Conceptual Knowledge or Skill 1. Write about a particular academic concept (e.g., math/sciences) or skill (e.g., social skill/behavior) which you would like the classroom to learn. Discuss how you would introduce teaching this concept and the barriers that you would likely encounter. Consider prior knowledge, learning processes/outcomes, behavioral/cognitive perspectives of learning, and/or working memory. 2. Discuss how you would have the child/classroom transfer this knowledge to real-life scenarios, particularly once they leave the classroom or graduate from school. Consider aspects of motivation and transfer. 3. How would you assess whether the concept was learned? Also, discuss any adaptations to the lesson plan if teaching the concept/skill in a culturally and linguistically diverse classroom.  Scoring rubric for Summary/References assignment (Worth 5 points total) Abstract/summary/references written in MOST RECENT version of APA 2 Abstract/summary informs how you want to develop your topic 2 Minimum 4 total References: (at least 3 from scientific journals and class text book should be include) 1  It is double space and 6-7 pages ( not including title and reference page) Writing clarity organization, and successful integration of the literature are considered when determining full credit for the above stated criteria.  Please No plagiarism. As stated the book should be use as a reference if it makes you feel better you can start the paper over, but please make sure you answer the above questions. Since i already submitted a rough draft to the professor in regards of doing math as my topic I would like to stick in the area– If you want to do elementary math instead of kindergarten that is fine.  Here are some topic to discuss in this papaer:  Introducing teaching math concepts  Barries students run into  how to transfer knowledge into real life scenarios  how do you know the concept was learn… —> For better understanding just refer back to the question.  Instead of monday if you could please submit the paper to me by saturday morning est time.  Please lmk if you have any questions Class is Educational Psychology 


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