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Pastoral Counseling – Research Paper

Research paper on Pastoral Counseling / 7 pages/ at least 5 sources cited  Helpful frameworks or guideline: – What is the definition, contents, and process of counseling  – Types of personal, family and group conflicts – Why a need to intentionally undertake counseling in the Church or Christian community? in other words, should we say that the preaching and teaching of God’s word not enough to address the diverse issues affecting believers in the faith community? – Do you think the pastors and/or church leadership are making good use of available resources that God has provided to the Christian community to fulfil its counseling mission?           -If yes- what are some of the identified resources that are being appropriately used?          – If no – then identify and describe some of the challenges affecting accessing and use of God-              given resources – Identify and explain ways in which churches or Christian communities have actively been involved in pastoral counseling to help members – What are the merits and demerits of Christians who seek services of personal or group counseling “outside the walls of the church”- based on the sources such as      a) Christian counselor     b) Non-Christian counselor – What are the identifiable significant factors that are related to the contents, trends, and impacts of counseling on the Christian community from the standpoint of the literature or research Paper should be double spaced/ 12 points/ Times New Roman 


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