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Prejudice And Aggression

For this assignment, please start by doing research regarding the severity of prejudicial aggression/violence from the past.  After you do this, research the severity of prejudicial aggression/violence that has gone on in the past decade.  Target the same specific groups that have been the aggressor and victim in both your historical group and your present-day group.  For instance, if you choose “black vs. white” in the 1950s, you must use the same group for your present-day group.  Once you do this, discuss various ways that it is the same, as well as why it is different between the time periods. What influences have changed?  Why is it better now, or worse now than in the past?   Please discuss how the advancements in media (news, entertainment, and social media) have had on this issue, along with whatever you come up with outside of media influence.  Make sure you back your information up with citations from your sources. 


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