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Public Health Major Discussion Questions HSC3002

   HSC3002 – Environmental Health  NO Plagiarism, NO Copy / Paste, Please – Include References Please READ the instructions and answer the questions throughout. You must be up to date with environmental issues and events.  *Please keep same layout—DO NOT DELETE THE QUESTIONS* *IF IT HAS A QUESTION MARK IT NEEDS TO BE ANSWERED* *Please DO AS EACH BULLET SAYS* If you would like to make your own layout you can, but please keep questions! * Do Not Inquire If You Do Not Know What You’re Talking About! *  Week 1 – Question 1: 1. What are the laws that were in effect, or should have been in effect, at the time when the environmental issue occurred? Recent Environmental Issues versus the Environmental Health Laws The media are replete with examples of environmental issues exposing us to health risks. The growing concern of environmental issues is the reason why the environmental health laws, such as CAA and CWA, were introduced in the 1970s. There have been several amendments throughout these years. Research on examples of the following topics: Environmental      Issues that Have Occurred in Last One Year Major Environmental      Health Laws that Have Been Introduced in Past Ten Years · On the basis of your research and understanding of the topic, answer the following questions: In the past      one year, which environmental health issue is the most grave one and why? What is the      role of various government agencies that are charged with enforcing and      evaluating the impact of the law? How have      the government agencies been able to assess the gravity of the issue? Which one      is the most important environmental health law that has been introduced      within the past few years and why? Analyze the      intended impact of environmental health laws on your local community. Week 2 – Question 2: 2. What do you think is the impact of these events on the communities where they occurred? Environmental Epidemiology and Health Hazards Environmental epidemiology is the primary scientific discipline that establishes exposure-disease relationships in environmental health. For example, epidemiologists determined that exposure to asbestos causes mesothelioma. This is one example of chemical agent leading to health hazards. Other environmental hazards, such as air and water pollution, have been linked to adverse health outcomes. Research on the following topics: Significant Episodes in which an Environmental Hazard      Caused Adverse Health Outcomes in Humans Three Major Historical Events in Environmental      Epidemiology · On the basis of your research and your readings and understanding of the above topics, answer the following questions: Which environmental hazard, such as the pollutant or      pollutants, caused the most adverse health outcomes and why? What are the various adverse health outcomes that      occurred as a result of exposure to the environmental hazard? What are the steps that were taken to prevent the      adverse health outcomes from occurring? Should there be any other step      that was necessary to prevent the adverse health outcome? Explain. Suggest the ways to prevent future occurrences of      such episodes. Is there an association between environmental hazards      and adverse health outcomes in humans? Why or why not? Analyze and explain the exposure-disease relationship      for each of these three events. · What do you think is the impact of these events on the communities where they occurred? Week 3 – Question 3: 3. Explain the association between exposure to pesticides and health effects? Health Effects of Exposures to Pesticides Pesticides have a broad application, including their use in occupational and nonoccupational settings. Many pesticides have been linked to adverse health effects, and as a result, have been banned from use. Research on episodes of exposure to pesticides that caused adverse health outcomes in humans. Choose one episode and respond to the following questions: · What are the health effects that the pesticide exposure caused in humans? · What are the steps that could have been taken to prevent the adverse health outcomes from occurring? · What are the changes required in the existing law that could discourage the reoccurrence of such exposures? · Apart from law enforcement, what are the other ways to prevent future occurrences of such episodes? Week 4 – Question 4: 4. Discuss the association between environmental pollution and hazards to aquatic life? Environmental Hazards Due to Polluted Air and Water Many environmental hazards, such as air and water pollution, have been linked to adverse health outcomes not only in humans but also in aquatic life. Research on episodes in which environmental pollution caused hazards to the aquatic environment. Choose one episode and answer the following questions: What were the main pollutants that caused hazards to      aquatic life? How did these pollutants affect the      health of aquatic life adversely? What are the various ways to      prevent occurrences of such episodes in the future? Explain how these ways      will help in the prevention of such episodes. Week 5 – Question 5: 5. What is the intended impact of food safety–related law on your local (Georgia) community? Safety of Food from Carcinogens:  The Office of Food Additive Safety (OFAS) at the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN) of FDA is charged with, among other responsibilities, regulating industry to ensure that food contact substances and food additives are safe. Research on major regulations related to food safety. On the basis of your research, answer the following questions: What are the ten microbiological      agents that are implicated in food-borne illness? What are the measures      for preventing food-borne illness? Describe practical methods for the      prevention of food-borne illness and indicate how you apply them in your      home or business. What are the procedures that a      local health department might use for investigating an outbreak of      food-borne illness? Explain a major regulation for      protecting food from carcinogens and discuss its purpose. Do you think      there should be any change in this regulation? Why or why not?


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