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Research Method

  Hi Josely! This is a great start – I left you a bunch of comments/suggestions below: ·  Intro o  These are solid intro bullets; however, I do have a few comments/suggestions that can strengthen this section. While I really like your first bullet about the increase in mental health disorders, I’m not sure false memories are like a plague. It might be nice to define false memories in this paragraph (and cite where you got your definition from). Then you might want to talk about why it is important to study false memories and connect it to your research question. Lastly, you will want to end your intro with your research question. §  I am also a little confused about your research question. The question of what factors influence false memories seems really broad. You might want to narrow it down and pick a specific factor, like stress or emotion (or compare/contrast the two) rather than trying to discuss three separate factors. ·  Main Body Paragraphs o  Based on your bullets it looks like you have three main body paragraphs with the following themes: Paragraph 1) false memories in high stress situations, Paragraph 2) false memories in older adults and people with cognitive disabilities, and Paragraph 3) how emotions influence false memories. §  As I mentioned above, I think that it might be better to pick ONE of these factors and really dive deep. For example, if you choose emotions, you could have a paragraph on how negative emotions influence false memories and a paragraph on how positive emotions influence false memories. §  I am also really confused about these bullets – it looks like you are referencing/citing articles that are not in your reference list? Please make sure your paraphrase everything in your own words! ·  Conclusion o  This is a good starting bullet for your conclusion. Can you add anything about limitations/weaknesses of these studies? What would you like future research to do? Why do you believe these studies? ·  Citations o  In-text citations: When you go to write your first draft, you will need to make sure that you cite your paraphrased sentences correctly throughout each paragraph (so where did you get your information from). For example, at the end of each of these bullets, you would have an in-text citation at the end, like (Jeye et al., 2020) o  APA reference list: This is a good start but there are some things that need editing: 1) General format – references should be in alphabetical order by first author (so the Bacto et al. reference should come before the Bookbinder & Brainerd reference), it should be double spaced, and you should use hanging indents, 2) APA style use initial for the first names of authors, 3) dates should just be the year, 4) check the capitalization of the article title, 5) missing italics on the journal name and volume number and 6) the DOI’s should be links.


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