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Spiritual Development In Childhood

**THIS ASSIGNMENT MUST BE COMPLETED WITHIN 4-5 HOURS (By 11 PM EST tonight, 4/16)** I have attached what you need to read (the textbook). The instructions are down below. Please try not to use too many complicated words: For example, instead of writing “monumental”, write “big”. Also, the assignment requires a Christian Bible verse (or Scripture) wherever you think it fits in. Thank you so much!! Question: The textbook discusses a number of ideas that may help explain how spiritual development takes place in childhood. In your initial thread use at least 250 but no more than 400 words to describe one of these ideas and tell why you believe it is valid. Use information from our textbook, personal observation/experience, and Scripture to support your position. Be sure to identify your source(s) with at least two APA citations (one from our textbook and one from Scripture).


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