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The non-profit organization (Inspirational Leaders) that you work for has received an urgent request to send a team of nurses to Eritrea to provide aid to a village that is grieving a serious earthquake. It is anticipated that your team will spend 2 months there. The city of 1,700 residents that you are serving has suffered 300 casualties, and still over 50 people are unaccounted for. For those found and negatively affected, there are serious injuries that need to be treated. There are other organizations already on location providing water, shelter and food. But the medical teams that they have from other organizations are overwhelmed. As a team, you will need to write a report in the form of a proposal in Microsoft Word that addresses the following tasks: Here are the tasks that must be delegated: • Transportation to city and throughout the city • Plane, bus, jeep, quads, etc. • Medical supplies: gloves, sutures, gauze, iodine, etc. • Acquire via donation, packaging, transport • Entry into the country • Passports, visa, etc. • Financial management • Budget of $35,000, bank account(s), debit cards


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