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The Power Of Manding

 Yasmine is a three-year-old girl who was diagnosed with autism at the age of two. She has never had functional language and exhibits frequent tantrums in the form of screaming, dropping to the ground, and kicking her feet. Yasmine recently began attending an ABA center and is your new client. Yasmine’s parents want her therapist to focus on teaching her to label items and identify her letters and numbers. In this assignment, write a paper responding to Yasmine’s parents and include the following: – Analyze the importance of teaching manding skills to Yasmine first. – What are the benefits of teaching mands? – How can teaching mands lead to developing skills in other areas of            development? – Explain the relationship between manding and challenging behaviors. Be sure to provide your responses in a way that is respectful and supportive to Yasmine’s parents. Assignment should meet the following requirements: · APA formatting: References and citations are formatted according to current APA style guidelines. · Resources: 2 scholarly or professional resources. · Length: 3 double-spaced pages of content, in addition to the title page and references page. · Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12-point./


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