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Two Journal Articles And Worksheet For Vignette One

  Overview: In this assignment, you will identify two journal articles for each of the tests used in the vignette you chose for the final project. You will be focusing on specific aspects of the tests, such as why the tests were developed, reliability, validity, ethical considerations, the normed reference group, and what useful information the tests provide us. Prompt: For each test in the vignette you chose for the final project, identify and cite two journal articles that provide you with the information needed to fill in  the information in the table of the worksheet. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: I. Journal Articles: Appropriately cite two articles in APA format for each test. II. Test Development: Provide an explanation of why each test was developed. III. Reliability: Reliability of each test is described. IV. Validity: Validity of each test is described. V. Ethical Considerations: The ethical considerations of each test are described. VI. Normed Reference Group: The normed reference group of each test is described. VII. Useful Information: The useful information that each test provides is explained. Attached are the vignette, guidelines and rubric, and worksheet.


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