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Unit 10 Quiz

  QUESTION 1 For children younger than 9 or 10 years of age, the natural means of communication is _____a.sign language.b.creative movement.c.the language of their parents.d.play. 5 points    QUESTION 2 Which type of group format has a predetermined amount of sessions and will not accept new members once the group has started?a.Closed groups.b.Open groups.c.Limited session groups.d.Thanatos groups. 5 points    QUESTION 3 In group-counseling relationships, children experience the therapeutic releasing qualities of _____a.persuasion.b.discovering that their peers have problems too.c.discovering inner qualities of calm.d.the impact of parenting. 5 points    QUESTION 4 The typical first target of group conflict is _____a.the leader.b.the “mother” figure.c.the silent member.d.an external authority. 5 points    QUESTION 5 When exploring issues in adolescent groups, group leaders are encouraged to _____a.go fast through initial topics.b.go slow.c.try to act like an adolescent to find some common ground.d.make sure they know who is boss. 5 points    QUESTION 6 Groups with adolescents tend to work best with membership of _____a.at least 4.b.16–20.c.5–10.d.at least 12. 5 points    QUESTION 7 Rescuing of individual members, denial of problems and conflict, and circular and superficial talk are all evidence of _____a.limited awareness.b.too much cohesion.c.a teachable moment.d.social justice in action. 5 points    QUESTION 8 The importance of counselors-in-training gaining experience in group counseling is _____a.a relatively new development in the field.b.reinforced in CACREP standards.c.only necessary for those who haven’t been in therapy.d.over emphasized. 5 points    QUESTION 9 Which of the following is NOT a part of a follow-up session process?a.Referral.b.Resources.c.Conflict.d.Planning. 5 points    QUESTION 10 In a healthy group, power is _____a.shared among the group.b.held by the leader.c.determined by lottery.d.minimized by the leader. 5 points    QUESTION 11 Which of the following is an excellent way for adolescents to gain practical experience in expression of feelings?a.Ice-breakers.b.Homework.c.Role playing.d.Lifestyle analysis. 5 points    QUESTION 12 The tentative self-disclosure phase is characterized by _____a.anxiety.b.deep connections.c.gradual trust-building and experience with conflict.d.relationship deconstruction. 5 points    QUESTION 13 Subgroups are _____a.a normal construct in groups.b.helpful to less powerful members.c.destructive to group process.d.all of the above. 5 points    QUESTION 14 When considering a comfortable setting for adolescent groups, it is important to keep the room _____a.consistent.b.stocked with toys and games.c.decorated to an adolescent taste.d.set up in a classroom format. 5 points    QUESTION 15 The Group Leader Self-Efficacy Instrument is an instrument for evaluating _____a.group process.b.resistance.c.leadership.d.effectiveness of techniques. 5 points    QUESTION 16 In the beginning stages of group, it is normal for group members to feel _____a.confident.b.anxious.c.trusting.d.angry. 5 points    QUESTION 17 A basic rule of thumb is that the younger the children _____a.the longer the group.b.the larger the group.c.the shorter the group.d.the older the group. 5 points    QUESTION 18 What do I wish I had said or done? What would I do differently next time? Did I say what I really wanted to say? These are all questions designed to help the leader evaluate _____a.self.b.the group.c.individual members.d.diversity. 5 points    QUESTION 19 Silence in group is _____a.always a form of resistance.b.a normal part of the process.c.a sign that there is work to be done.d.an indication of the need to terminate. 5 points    QUESTION 20 In the Hill Interaction Matrix, what is said in group is known as _____a.interpersonal style.b.content style.c.process style.d.communication style. 5 points    Click Save and Submit to save and submit. Click Save All Answers to save all answers.  


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