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Week Five Discussion

  Neurobiology of Addiction (a)  Review the sexual and substance use disorder cases (13 & 14) in Brown and Barlow (2017).   (b) Read the Volkow and Li (2004) and the de Ruiter et al. (2009) articles. (c) Review the following videos: “Ed: Gambling Disorder” and “Ed: Living with Gambling Disorder” (located in MyPsychLab, Video Series link).    (d) Explain the similarities and differences between addiction to chemical substances and addiction to gambling.  Discuss the rationale for moving the diagnosis of pathological gambling (which was renamed gambling disorder in DSM-5), from the Impulse Control Disorders category in DSM-IV-TR to the Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders category in DSM-5.   Two articles may help you explore this topic: (Weinstock & Rash, 2014)  (Rash, Weinstock, & Van Patten, 2016) 


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