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Part 1: Communicating a Problem

This topic is designed to help you consider a problem in your workplace or community and to design strategies in communicating about it. 

Please think of an example of a problem or situation in your workplace or your community. Then answer the following four questions with regard to that problem or situation. 

· What is the problem or situation?

· What are some possible communication strategies in notifying someone about the problem?

· What is the best course of action to take in solving the problem?

· What is the best way to communicate this problem to the relevant individuals?

Part 2: Communication Barriers & Inhibitors

This topic is designed to help you start thinking about the Communication Inhibitors Report. It includes four very helpful readings about communication barriers/inhibitors.

This week, one of your reading materials is titled, “Oral Versus Written Communication.” This reading material lists the eight essential elements of communication:  

· Source

· Receiver

· Message

· Channel

· Feedback

· Environment

· Context

· Interference

In addition, access and read these three articles about communication inhibitors.

· MSG Team, “Communication Barriers”

· Pandita, “Physical Barriers in Communication”

· Jain, “The Barriers to Effective Communication”

Finally, download and read the instructions for your first writing assignment, “WA1 Communciation Barriers & Inhibitors.” 

After you have read “Oral Versus Written Communication,” read the three articles on communication barriers, and reviewed the instructions for writing assignment #1, complete the following tasks:

· Decide which communication barrier(s) you believe are most powerfully affecting your communication process in the workplace or community scenario that you are considering for your assignment;

· Write a paragraph or two in which you explain how and why you think these barriers are the main culprits negatively affecting successful communication.

· Offer at least one classmate feedback on his/her post noting similarities or differences that you find interesting compared to the situation you described in your own post.

Part 3: response to statements

Statement one

1.     What is the problem or situation?

I am involved in a group of peer leaders known as the Junior Sailor Association. We meet bi-weekly to discuss different opportunities for various topics such as fundraising, volunteering, community outreach, job training etc… However an issue we have been having is increasing our membership which I feel is a due to a lack of communication with people being spread so far apart on the base that we work.

2.     What are some possible communication strategies in notifying someone about the problem?

A possible strategies is to have all of us in leadership positions to meet with the First Class Petty Officer Association, since they are the next step up from the Junior Sailor Association and compare strategies to see how they keep their membership high.

3.     What is the best course of action to take in solving the problem?

Possible remedies to this would be to spread the word in various different communications formats. Currently the only means by which people are being notified of meetings is by word of mouth, if that is extended to emails, fliers, app based group chats then I feel we would reach more people.

4.     What is the best way to communicate this problem to the relevant individuals?

At our next Junior Sailor Association leadership meeting I feel it necessary to brainstorm about the aforementioned new communication methods and strategize a plan of attack. If we are able to structure a format in which to recruit then people will begin to attend on a more frequent basis.  

Statement 2:

I used to work as a patient transporter at GBMC, where I was in constant contact with other employees and patients. GBMC is a very diverse hospital and it took me awhile to get used to that. It is challenging communicating with people who are so different from what you are used to. Miscommunication gaps in healthcare when I was a transporter caused numerous issues such as loss of productivity, conflict, inefficiency, and unclear requirements. I felt as though slang, racist language was used often. These barriers caused issues with the interpersonal communication I used. I was in contact with many people throughout my day, but for the most part I was only with the same person/people for twenty minutes at most.  

I think that the above barriers are the culprits that negatively affect successful communication within this job. Diversity is a good thing in the workplace, but it can also be extremely challenging. I mostly was challenged by employees not as much as patients. I tried my best to treat everyone equally. There were a lot of African American’s that worked with me directly and I was always treated as a minority. I was constantly surrounded by racist and slang language. When I would go to different hospital units to pick up patients the respect I would get from nurses of other races was inappropriate. People were rude and not helpful. At the end of the day we are all there for the same reason to do our jobs and make money. I could always tell those who were there to actually help people and those who were only there for a paycheck. Being around this type of energy and rudeness would impact me negatively, sometimes causing me to dread going to work. It was as simple as asking for assistance with a patient when going to pick them up and a nurse walking away or saying she will send the tech in. It was time consuming waiting for help because no one would want to help. If everyone was able to successfully communicate things would run smoother and hospital turnover would be better too.


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